Monday, July 27, 2009

Project Backsplash

Yesterday while attempting to waist valuable time I happened upon a fun website called Apartment Therapy, where I found a posting for a woman named Zazazu who is relying on the world to complete the backsplash in her newly revamped kitchen. This ambitious idea comes with a plea to anyone who has an extra tile or two to send it to Zazazu and once she has accumulated enough to cover the empty space between her counter top and upper cabinets Project Backsplash will be installed.

SO do it! and do it now! Because I am eager to see the end result of this project! I'm a little emotionally torn with this DIY. It could go either way. Hopefully for Zazazu the end result is a beautiful mish mash of creativity donated from all over the world but there is an obscenely good chance that this eclectic backsplash could go horribly wrong and look nothing short of vomitous. There is a very dark part of me that is hoping for the later of the two choices. I secretly do love a complete design catastrophe.

Have a tile?

Send it to Zazau @
Zazazu – Project Backsplash
P.O. Box 373
Corinth, MS 38834

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  1. Wanted to give a little update on Project Backsplash! Thanks for your help with this project! :)