Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where DId You Come From?

Currently, I am in the middle of a painting that is truly testing my creative eye as well as my patients. I don't know what it is about this painting but despite how I try it just will not cooperate with me! I had a perfect image in my head as to how it was to be created and completed, only this specific painting had other plans for itself. Every time I have placed my brush on the canvas with one thing in mind, it goes and performs and entirely different task. Despite my efforts to paint the image in my head I can not for the life of me bring it to fruition. It is almost as though my hand has a mind of it's own. I have NEVER painted anything like this. Not these colours, not this style, and not this complex. Where this painting has come from is remaining to be a mystery for me. And the more I fight it the worse it gets so I'm just going to have to go with it and see how it ends up. However I must be honest with you, I do not like it. I'm hoping now that I am not fighting it that I will wined up loving the end result. I'm yet to be convinced. In the mean time if anyone else sees something I do not and would like to tell me what I need to do to better it feel free to leave a comment.



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