Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ear Therapy For a Good Cause

I was pregnant once. It seems like forever ago. Does a year qualify as forever?

SO, while I was pregnant and insane I bonded to a particular blog called Pacing the Panic Room. This illustrious blog is chock full of great reading material, amazing photos, heartfelt stories and major artistic inspiration. It's a deeper look into one special little family and their journey through life.

Written from the perspective of a man known only to me as Ryan. Ryan is an artist himself. A photographer to be more specific, and an amazing one at that. But this isn't a blog about Ryan, or his blog. No, rather this blog is about an album. Yup, an album. A children's album to be more specific, called Do Fun Stuff. I know, I know, the two are not adding up but today I was updating myself at Pacing the Panic Room when I found out about Do Fun Stuff. And now I have to tell everyone about it. Let's be honest, there is a LOT of crappy kids music out there. I mean, pull your hair out, scream into your turtle neck, grind your teeth, stab your ear drums if you have to hear Old MacDonald one more time kind of crappy music. So when I fell onto Ryan's post about Do Fun Stuff I had to check it out and now I am inclined to force you to do so as well. It's cute and bouncy and it doesn't make me want to shove my head into the dirty dish water in a desperate attempt to spare my ears from the agony of irritating children's music.

There is an even more important message here though. Yes it's great music, but more importantly it's an album created to help raise funds for further research into a syndrome known as SMS or Smiths-Magenis Syndrome. This is the very same syndrome that Ryan of Pacing the Panic Room's step son suffers from. I urge you to purchase this funtastic album and if your looking for something a little more special Ryan's talented wife Cole is creating amazing album cover artwork for anyone who is interested.

I'm thinking of getting one of these for each of my little people friends this Christmas... annnnd... one for me. I can't resist. I love kitchy cute hand made goodness. Not to mention the proceeds are going towards something great.

Well I hope I have aided some of you in some ear therapy with this blog. Until next time I bit thee adieu.


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