Thursday, November 25, 2010


If you're anything like me then you are always searching for great music that is not over played but fantastic and unique to the ear. And if you have not had the extreme pleasure of familiarizing yourself with the sensational Leslie Feist how very sad your musical experience must be. I have a great love of many genres of music but Feist is by far the most talented, unique, rock out with your cock out, walking piece of fabulous you will ever come across. Ok, yes, that is completely based on my very biased opinion but regardless of that silly small fact, she's untouchable.

I had the honour of meeting Leslie at the premier showing of her documentary Look At What the Light Did now. I was SO inspired at one point that tears were streaming down my face. This woman makes me want to be better. No, better then better, amazing. She makes me believe that I can be a startlingly good artist. I love that someone can make me so sure of myself.

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