Monday, January 26, 2009

The First

Hmmm... This is stressing me out some. I have no idea what to write. So why the heck did I think it was a brilliant idea to randomly start up a blog? I'm not off to a very good start so far am I? But you see there are a few blogs that I religiously follow because they kinda make me drool, for various reasons, and they make me jealous for my own drool inducing blog! But damn it all, I'm royally sucking at it.

I'm not going to fret over it. I just can't be bothered because today is a good day. Why? you ask... Well because, today is my birthday. It is, it is. And today after a long and boring day at the office I came home to a very sexy man making me dinner, who greeted me at the door, took my coat and hat and demanded I take myself to the bathroom for a birthday surprise. So I bounced off to the bathroom eager to see what awaited me. GUESS WHAT!? There was a dusting of orange rose petals scattered about the floor, candles in every corner, and a bubble bath speckled with more rose petals. So I did what any intelligent woman would do, I ripped of my clothing and jumped in. Of course it couldn't go perfectly... I jumped in and the water was scalding! So I hopped up and down making the usual loud noises that one makes when they are being boiled alive, only until I came to my senses and jumped back out safely onto dry land.

Once I added some cold water to balance out the temperature I enjoyed my bath with a glass of red wine while listening to some good old time Jazz. Then came dinner, then cake, then coffee, then girly movies while nuzzled up on the couch. But the best part? well the best part was when the sexy man who made me dinner suddenly started to roll play with me. Suddenly I was whisked away from my living room and dropped into a packed movie theater. I was no longer cozy birthday girl but rather a hot little vixen who had no inhibitions about public displays of affection and was not taking no for an answer. Lets just say, without giving too much away, that the usher kicked us out for inappropriate behavior and we've now been banned for life from that particular theater. But hey... there's plenty more theaters around town.

So there you have it... a little too much information about me. This was fun. So until next time I shall leave you with this wretched sketch of a overly boisterous woman that I drew today. She's a bit of a horse face and not one of my prouder drawings but at least she embodies how I feel today.

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