Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Tantalizing Coraline

I don't know about the rest of the free world but I am super crazy excited about the new stop motion animation picture Coraline directed by the oh so wonderful Henry Selick. Henry is the directional mastermind behind Tim Burton's infamous the Nightmare Before Christmas. Now I'm sure the story line is wondrously delightful but what I'm really excited for is to watch the the big-screen, hand made, adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel come to life. This movie is art in motion! And I'm not just talking about the eye popping colours, the visually stimulating shapes, or the fantastic compositions. The entire movie has taken every day household items and created a piece by piece moving sculpture. The cherry blossoms are composed of a quarter - million pieces of popcorn, snow is masterly whipped together with baking soda and superglue, and even the sketchy chest hairs of Mr. Bobinsky are made of black fishing line. So even if the story of Coraline is lacking in entertainment value, which I'm certain it is not, the 101 minutes of eye candy will make it worth every second of my sacred time.

Have you seen it?!


  1. gah! now i have to see it! looks like amazing fun.

  2. I know right!? I was just bugging my man last night to take me soon! AND i didn't even mention that it is in 3D!