Monday, August 31, 2009

Lock and Key Hooks

I'm obsessing right now about all the unique things I'm going to buy for my baby room. I'm not going for the typical look of a baby room mind you. I have very little interest in adorning my walls with cutsie jungle creatures and vibrant colours. Not just yet anyway. Nope, I'm more interested in a room that will invoke peace and tranquility, rather then a room that will make me want to pull my hair out from the root every time I enter it at 4:15 in the morning to calm a screaming child. I want to walk into a white washed room with soft cushy fabrics and organic smooth lines. So check out what I found when I was looking for hooks to hang the babies stuff up with. I was surfing around Urban Outfitters the other night and did you know that they sell household decorative products!? I was not aware! But I'm hooked now!

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