Thursday, September 3, 2009

Now THAT'S a Mobile!

Is it just me or are baby mobiles overly priced for such a boring scattering of content? Really, all you are getting are 5 odd objects hanging from a piece of string that may or may not twirl around in a loop to entertain a child who can't see anything clearly unless it's within inches of it's face. And I'm supposed to pay $50 plus for this not so fascinating contraption?

You'll be happy to know, I had a brain storm. What if the objects that hung from the ordinary pieces of string were 5x the size? And what if they were vibrantly contrasting colours? What if they were not silly characatures of animals but giant shapes of colour and texture? Wouldn't that be easier to see? not to mention more fascinating to watch? And then I saw it... the mobile I'm going to make for my nursery. But how will I make it?! Crap. There is always some obstacle to weather. Martha the Magnificent will know. Martha always knows. And with a little bit of heavy duty searching, Martha came through once again. Giant tissue flowers and lanterns with lovely bits of garland will be strung from my ceiling above my babies crib to dazzle and delight and I'll have created all by myself. SQUEEEEE I'm so delighted I could twirl if I wasn't so unbalanced and clumsy.

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