Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inner Child

I've always been a little obsessed with children's toys, especially the old fashioned retro styled ones. I have to admit that one of the major things I was looking forward to having children for was to play with their toys. There is a twisted little part of me that is certain I will enjoy them far more then my children ever will. My little mushroom is now 7 months old and my extreme desire for pretty toys has already gotten the better of me. I found a shop called Citizen Kid who deviantly nurtures my toy obsession and that is where I discovered Vilac. If you don't already know of Vilac, it is a super fantastic toy maker from France who meticulously fashions all of their toys out of wood and lacquer. Not only are they of the finest quality but they are bright, beautiful, safe and lets not forget funtastic! I fore see a whole lot of cash disappearing in the near future and a lot of sunshiney toys appearing in it's place. My current "need to have" is a dearling little bear. He's all fuzzy and patchworky, sitting down catching fish with a stick. At the end of his stick is a little fishy who you are supposed to pull. Once you pull it the fishy slowly travels up the string to the stick while pretty lullaby's play softly. He's supposed to be a teething toy for your little ones but I want him so I can watch him fish, while sitting pretty on my shelf. My poor son. He's going to have to sneak into my room at night and steel back all of his toys while I lay sleeping.

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