Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dust off The Bunnies

I'm not all together sure how typical of an artist this is but I like to think that all artists work this way... If I start a painting, I can't stop it until I'm done. No, it's not what you think. It's not because I'm SO in the zone that I just can't tear myself away, but rather, if I don't finish it on the first run... well, I never will. I will always have intentions on getting back to it. I'll even talk to it from time to time. I'll reassure the painting that I have not forgotten it and that no, I don't prefer my new paining over it. It's just that I have an image in my head that is screaming at me to put it paint and I can't very tell it "no". So my unfortunate little painting will sit there sadly, and patiently for me to return but I never do. I know what you are thinking; how cruel. Take heart in the fact that it is not alone though. There are plenty of unfinished paintings for it to play with. Except today! Today there is one last painting to play count the dust bunnies with. Her name is Autumn Wind. Please welcome her to the world of the artisticly complete. Where paintings hang on walls, tucked in under a sheet of glass, surrounded by a bed of wood to hold it comfortably in place. Or, at least that is, if someone buys it and frames it.

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