Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cool Threads

I'm a dress up in your frilly summer frock, cutesy sandals, dangley Chandler earrings, and over sized sun glasses, to cut the lawn kinda gal. I thoroughly enjoy looking my best at everything I do. When I look good I feel good. When I feel good I do a better job and it doesn't hurt either that I'm enjoying cutting the lawn simply because I look good. Make fun of me, go a ahead but it works for me.

Despite all that I have to admit that there is a certain comfort that comes with slipping on my favourite pair of worn in patchy jeans and a comfy t-shirt. Who doesn't love a great t-shirt? I love them even more when that certain t-shirt was designed by an every day average artist who just happened to submit a drawing into an online website, which just happened to win the votes of a million viewers, which turned into a t-shirt sold on that website and was bought be me, myself and I. What is more awesome then wearing someones art on your chest!? A raspberry mohito on a sandy beach in the south of France, but now I'm just getting off topic...

Check out if you haven't all ready. Threadless is an online clothing company that accepts on average 1,500 drawings a week! The designs are submitted to a public vote and a handful get put to print and sold on the online store. Each winner receives $2,000 in cash, a $500 gift certificate (which can be traded in for $200 in cash), as well as an additional $500 for every reprint. So not only are you wearing a work of art, you are also supporting artists from all over the world and even more importantly you'll look damn cool.

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