Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Have you ever rummaged through someone else's sketchbook? No?, well you really should. There is something so intimate and cool about looking through a scruffed up, doggy eared book full of someones imagination, thoughts and oddities. I, myself find it exhilarating, almost stimulating. My creative juices get tweaked and I instantly want to run off to the nearest book store to buy myself a tiny hard covered book containing nothing more then a million blank pages for me to beautify and tarnish with graphite and ink. Someone out there must have the same reaction I do to viewing someone else's doodles because they so brilliantly came up with the single most amazing idea I've heard in a very long time. It's called The Sketchbook Project.

It' s described as a concert tour with sketchbooks. Bloody brilliant if you ask me. Here's the basic idea. Like to doodle? Artistically talented or just a mom looking to start a fun project with your piglets? Go to the Sketchbook Project web site, pick a theme, a sketchbook will be mailed to you, fill it up, send it back. Your sketchbook, along with hundreds of others then go on a 6 city tour around the U.S. People will be invited to museums and galleries to come and view the sketchbooks and thumb through them. If they like your sketchbook they can buy it off of you should you chose to sell it from anywhere to $5 - a million bucks. The idea is to get the community and artists together in a giant community art project. J'adore! It's a blissfully creative idea. I only wish I lived any where near the areas the exhibit will be showcasing. Alas i shall not see it. But I may just have to create me self a sketchbook to send off. Now to choose a theme. It's a toss up between: Things found on restaurant napkins, It will be fun, I swear, It's raining dogs and cats. Decisions decisions...

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  1. Looks cool! But I read the site and it says they DO NOT sell the books. They all go back and become part of the permanent collection at there space called The Brooklyn Art Library! Cool stuff!