Sunday, June 13, 2010

Throw Me a Bone

All I can say at this present moment is "what the CRAP?" Somebody please explain Reddit to me! I haven't a friggin clue as to what I am doing. Not even a smidgen of an incling of a thought. A friend told me that in order to gain more of a following and popularity in regards to my art work that I should look into Reddit, digg, and... fark? Digg is pretty much self explanatory but Reddit has me seeing double. I like to consider myself down with the current trends and I'm not a complete loser when it comes to social networking... or so I thought. Until just now. I registered a reddit account and honestly... what IS it?! What have I just signed up for? What do I do with it? I'm scared! I need a crash course NOW! Before someone starts sending me harsh and harassing messages relating to how redumtarded I am.

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