Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Was Old Is New Again

Picture it, a big old barn, slate floors, rafter ceilings, a wood fire place, harvest tables, a freshly fallen bed of snow on the ground and a million candle light mason jars hanging from silver wire hung from wooden ceiling beams mixed with a scattering of crystal chandeliers. Draped on the walls; soft hued vintage inspired bunting. This is my dream wedding. If it were any more perfect it would be in the middle of a forest rather then inside a barn, but then my heals would get stuck in the dirt. I love that all that is old is once again becoming new. And if I could I would have bunting strung about every room in my house just because it's just so lovely and sweet. There would also be jars of lolly pops and jelly beans on every surface but of course that would be a cavity waiting to happen. If you are a vintage junkie like myself you might want to gander at the following etsy sellers and look at their handy works of tastiness. Knotted Nest, Sweet Vintage, & Princess Allure

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