Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lemon Drop Cupcakes and a Better Life.

Want to know where I've been? Well, I wish I could tell you some wild story of how I up and decided on a whim that life would be far more splendid if I packed up the family and went to Bangladesh for a week to visit the queen for tea and cupcakes. Oh please! Use your imagination! Bangladesh has a queen in MY world and she LOVES lemon drop cupcakes and lavender tea. But alas that is not where I have been, but rather I have been focusing all of my energies on creating a better life for my son.

Oohhh but it is so much more exciting then how it sounds. You may recall a previous blog I wrote about a photographer by the name of Crystal Hahn. Well, Crystal, in all of her creative glory, along with her lovely sister Somer, have composed a company called A Million Little Details. I know of no better way to describe it other then a mecca for all things wedding. It will be a quaint little place in cyberspace to go when you need inspiration, locations, ideas, vendors, or just to dream. And I will have the extreme delight of being a major part of all of it! I'm calling my position at this point The End All and Be All of AMLD. Yes, it sounds grandiose but that is because it IS! I do a little bit of everything. Marketing, advertising, design, social networking... you name it I'll do it. It's true, I'm just that fantastic.

BUT my point of this entire rant is that my soul goal is to make sure this wedding mecca takes off and explodes all over the Internet, allowing me to stay home with my little buddy and raise him good and strong the way only a mother can. *wink, wink* His day care provider Val is a goddess and I adore her truly of course but it's always been my goal to raise my kids rather then someone else. That way if they grow up screwy I only have myself to blame. Hahahaha... yikes. Don't quote me on that.

SO my lovelies, on top of my art, and my love for design I shall be pimping out the wide world of weddings. I'd love for you to come by and visit from time to time when we are up and running. But of course you can always find me here!

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